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  • Design and Engineering Services
  • PCB Assembly
  • Mechanical

  • Consumer Electronics
  • IT Hardware
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy Meters
  • LED Lighting
  • Automotive

and many more..

Electronic Manufacturing Services

We offer versatile range of electronic manufacturing services to cater different categories of Customer requirement which is done by the well trained work-force team.

Our manufacturing process include surface-mount, through-hole, mechanical, testing, packing & delivery.

Our Services Include:

PCB Design and Engineering Services

Depending upon Customers’ requirement, We provide PCB layout Design and Gerber data which is Cost effective to get Reliable Product.

PCB & Product Assembly

We are equipped with Basic and Advanced equipment like oscilloscope, multi-meters, HV Tester, LCR Meter, Power-Meter, etc and specific JIG’s as per customer requirement

Technology Advantage

  1. Pick & Place Machine (I-Pulse, Japan)
  2. Automated Inspection Conveyor
  3. Reflow Oven (Tangteck, Taiwan)
  4. Wave Soldering Machine